Infuse your skin with the healing powers of Japan’s organic Aloe Vera treatments.

In Japan, the inner gel of the Aloe plant is a traditional tonic for the skin, helping to nourish, moisten and balance the skin’s natural chemistry. Now the beauty secrets of Japan have travelled to you, helping to nurture and protect your skin’s natural beauty.

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What We Use

Our products are specially imported from Japan and Nagomi is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributer. Our products are derived from organic Aloe vera and contain no preservatives, fragrances, alcohol, or artificial colours. These products are allergy tested and suitable for all skin types.

Contains 2 unique and original elements:


Extracts of the Aloe vera leaf, soybean sprout, chamomile flower, and hydrolyzed silk. Organic Aloe essence delivers full vitality deep to your skin. Three carefully selected natural oils supplement Aloe Vera for a more shining result.

Princess Care

Geranium Rovertianum extract. The extract oil from Geranium Robertianum is especially unique. In combination with AloenRich®, it restores the skin damaged by light and dryness for a youthful and brilliant face. Specially made for Anti-light-aging care.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

This miracle plant is one of the oldest known medicinal plants, with a legacy reaching as far back as Cleopatra. The gel that fills every leaf has been proven to accelerate healing and soothe enflamed or tired skin. Aloe actively helps skin to repair by naturally stimulating cell production and increasing collagen. The gel also contains elastin fiber which, working alongside collagen, firms the skin’s matrix, toning and smoothing its appearance. Aloe’s natural balance of essential minerals and vitamins enhance its moisturizing, cleansing, and soothing qualities.

Harmony Green Bottles