Infuse your skin with the healing powers of Japan’s organic Aloe Vera treatments.

In Japan, the inner gel of the Aloe plant is a traditional tonic for the skin, helping to nourish, moisten and balance the skin’s natural chemistry. Now the beauty secrets of Japan have travelled to you, helping to nurture and protect your skin’s natural beauty.

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February Promotion #1

Cosmetic acupuncture + Deluxe Facial treatment

$20 OFF consultations and 20% OFF Deluxe Facial treatments when you book both of these services together!

Cosmetic acupuncture helps improve blood flow, stimulates cell regeneration and encourages the production of healing collagen, the protein which the body uses to retain your skin’s youthful elasticity. It’s all natural and a great anti-aging treatment!

February Promotion #2

When you book a Thai massage with our RMT this month, you get an extra 15mins and a FREE herb ball therapy treatment! (Tuesday and Wednesday until 5:00)

Herbal Compress is a traditional Thai treatment. The herb balls we use contain 12 kinds of dry herbs. As we steam them, they produce a healing aroma. The hot temperature increases energy flow, improves circulation, relaxes muscles and stimulates nerves. The aroma is excellent for your pituitary gland and digestive organs and is a great way to balance hormones naturally.

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Please note that we cannot answer calls during customer appointments so the best way to book with us is to send us an email or text us and we will reply soon as we can.

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Quick Acu Thursday (11am – 4pm)

$40 (45 ~ 60 min)

This service is for those who are interested in acupuncture treatment but never done before, those who don’t have insurance or those who want to get quick but concise treatment, THIS IS THE DAY! Please contact us if you have any questions or want to book with us!


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Our products are derived from organic Aloe Vera and contain no preservatives, fragrances, alcohol, or artificial colours. They are allergy tested and suitable for all skin types.

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